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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Peter Bowditch: Down & Out Australian Communication Network Thrashes Bowditch in Court

Peter Bowditch, unemployed bankrupt pretend computer consultant and expert defamor and libelist was forced to defend his greatness in Australia's Federal Court in the matter of ACN vs Bowditch and his nearly defunct Hitler Youth Front, Gebesse Computer Consultants. Bowditch, known throughout the internet and at home as lazy good for nothing complainer has been libeling and defaming everything and everyone that he doesn't understand on the internet for years. Most ignored him, if not laughed at him. That is until the Australian Communications Network had had enough. ACN served Bowditch with an application for injunction and statement of claim for damages in September of this year. Bowditch was required to change his vomit stained underwear shirt, sober up and attend a pretrial hearing in the court of Justice J. Madjwick. Bowditch's handlers (his dreary skanky wife and probation officer) attended court and Bowditch was immediately ordered to publish a retraction on his website and prepare a defence.

Fast forward to October 6, 2005. Bowditch actually shows up in court knowing full well a bench would otherwise be issued for his arrest. He has prepared the usual illiterate and psychopathic moanings he thinks represent his defence. Madjwick cuts the poor dumb man short and demands a summary of his defence. Bowditch starts in with the his usual "I'm a poor dumb man who spent most of his life on a sheep farm or in jail." Madjwick warns Bowditch to get to the point. Bowditch screams at the jutice that" you nor anyone else can tell me what to do....?" Bowditch is cited for contempt and arrested on the spot.

Bowditch is now scheduled to appear in front of Justice Madjwick on October 7, 2005. The charges this time are contempt of court. Good luck Peter! You're gonna need it! Sya Tuned for Part II: Mr. Bowditch Goes Up the River!


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